About Me

Hello my name is Maz, I am a Transformational and Mental Wellbeing Coach based in South London; mother of a teenaged daughter and my value base includes Kingdom principles.

I am dedicated to the personal and professional development of women. I provide bespoke coaching services, Mental Wellbeing workshops and talks to support individuals to achieve their goals and regain their identity and confidence, to eliminate self-limiting thoughts and behaviours so that they can feel more balanced within their lives.

I have worked as a qualified community mental health professional for over 14 years and am passionate about improving the Mental Wellbeing of women of colour and reducing the stigma attached with seeking support.
I have overcome with my own adversities in life that have challenged my identity and through my own healing journey, I discovered first hand that what has happened to us, does not need to define who we are or our future. This realisation prompted me to be the change that I wanted to see.

These experiences facilitated my purpose of supporting women to live life authentically and discover their own purpose.
I chose to train as a Transformational coach as I love the ethos of clients knowing the answers to their problems rather than having an 'expert' dictate what they ought to do and feel. Often times, people just need space and time to process and reflect on their experiences.
“I believe that everyone deserves to feel safe to express themselves sincerely, fulfil their dreams and live the life they truly desire.”


I am qualified to support you on your journey. Throughout my professional career I have gained:

• ICF accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
• MA Social Work (University of Central Lancashire)
• Advanced specialist training in Bereavement Support with the National Counselling Society

I regularly undertake supervision to ensure that I am practising within the ICF code of practice and within ethical guidelines and am committed to my ongoing self-development and training so that I am best placed to support you.

Are You Ready?

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